BASKAMERUN: 11 years of success and counting!!!

Baskamerun, a non-profit-making organisation which doesn't only celebrate basketball as a life style but as a symbol of diversity and intergration as well, was founded 1998 by a group of cameroonian students in Hannover. Thier annual International-B-Ball-Day is one of the biggest basketball events in Germany and draws hundreds of guests from different nations. Personally I think they should compliment their slogan ' The game is the same wherever you play' with the clause '..and so are people wherever you go'.
This year the annual B-Ball-Day is celebrating its premier in the south of Germany, on August 15th in Münich.

Bryce Ngatchou, Dipl. Ing.
Founder of Baskamerun

Die Disziplin, Energie und Zielstrebigkeit, die diese Sportart auszeichnen, stecken bei Baskamerun nicht nur auf dem Basketballplatz sondern auch ausserhalb. Dadurch hat sich Baskamerun als gemeinnützige Organisation über 11 Jahre als ein Sympbol für Völkerverständigung und Intergration mit Erfolg bewissen.

Dennenesch Zoudé, Actress

Her last name when translated means ' Crown' and that is exactly what she did with her presence on German TV after studying in Berlin and New York. She was born in Ethiopia and moved to Germany at the age of two.

Dieses bekannte Gesicht kam in Addis Abeba, Äthiopien zur Welt und wanderte mit ihrer Familie als zweijährige nach Deutschland ein. Nach ihrer Ausbildung zur Wirtschaftskorrespondentin in Berlin und Schauspielerin in New York, tat sie genau das, was ihrer Familienname übersetzt bedeutet 'Krone'. Sie hat das deutsche Fernsehen mit ihrer Schönheit und ihrem Talent gekrönt.

  • 1995: Abschied von Agnes
  • 1995: Liebe macht Schule
  • 1999: Sara Amerika
  • 2002: Equilibrium

The youngest university president-elect in Germany: Prof. Joybrato Mukherjee, 35 yrs, university of Giessen

When I first read about him, I found his story very inspiring such that I decided to deviate and write about this very young and successful man, who is neither of African decend nor looks like the stereotyped German. He is the son of Indian immigrants who has set landmarks of academic achievements.
Mit Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee wird künftig ein Anglist an der Spitze der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (JLU) stehen. Mit großer Mehrheit wählte der Erweiterte Senat den 35-Jährigen zum neuen Präsidenten. Er erhielt bereits im ersten Wahlgang 20 von 34 Stimmen. „Ich freue mich sehr darauf, die große Geschichte der Universität Gießen in den nächsten Jahren ein Stück weiterschreiben zu dürfen“, sagte er nach seiner Wahl. Prof. Mukherjee, derzeit noch Erster Vizepräsident der JLU, wird sein Amt am 16. Dezember antreten und dann der jüngste Präsident einer öffentlichen Universität in Deutschland sein.

Studied English Language and Literature, Biology and Pedagogy at the Technical University of Aachen

M.A. and First State Examination

Trainee teacher and part-time teacher at the Gymnasium am Wirteltor , Düren, and PhD student/research assistant at the University of Bonn

Second State Examination

PhD in English Linguistics with a dissertation on the interaction between intonation and syntax

Assistant Professor (wissenschaftlicher Assistent) of English Linguistics at the University of Bonn

"Habilitation" in English Philology with a post-doctoral thesis on English ditransitive verbs

Substitute Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Giessen

since 2004
Full Professor and Chair of English Linguistics at the University of Giessen

Vice Dean (Prodekan) of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture (Fachbereich 05)

Member of the Senate (Senator) of the University of Giessen

Member of the Advisory Board of the German Anglistenverband

Chair of English linguistics offered at the University of Zurich (declined)

Chair of English linguistics offered at the University of Salzburg (declined)

since 2006
Member of the Executive Board of the International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME)

since 2006
Principal Investigator: International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), Giessen Centre of Excellence

since 2006
Member of the Centre for Media and Interactivity (ZMI), University of Giessen

Since July 2009:

First Vice-President (Erster Vizepräsident) of the University of Giessen
President-elect University of Giessen, Germany. He is to take over office in December 2009.

CAMFOMEDICS: Building bridges and giving back to the cameroonian and german society

My fingers are gliding across my keyboard faster than ever, so full of excitement because I am writing my first blog entry on a group of individuals.And yes, it's in health care: again charity begins at home.

CAMFOMEDICS is an acronym for Germano-Cameroonian Forum for Medical and Paramedical Sciences. It was founded in 1994 by a group of medical professionals and students of Cameroonian origin with the aim of using knowledge and its exchange to build bridges between Cameroon and Germany.It is a Diaspora-Initiative for the promotion of sustainable health care in Cameroon.

Their annual Health and Technology Workshop organised since 2007 in Cameroon has proven to be a fundamental building block in health care development. It holds this year from 28.09 - 05.10 in Ngaoundere with special focus on

-Hypertension and Diabetes ( Dr. Pierre Thierry Noah - Cardiologist - Germany),
-Cataract Surgery (Dr. Kono Kono Jean Oscar - Opthamology, Surgeon- Germany),
-Uterine Cancer ( Dr. Ivo Azeh) and
-Reanimation and Basic Life Support ( Dr. Yves Obiombock - Traumatology, Surgeon - Germany)

With Dr. med. Ivo Azeh (Internal medicine, Specialist in Oncology, University of Essen Germany) President of Camfomedics at Challenge Cameroonais.