Germany reaches another milestone and votes its first Afro-Germans in Parliament!!!!

Germany listed its first Afro-Germans in parliament. Not one but two persons at once!!! And both are of Senegalese origin. 
Dr. Karamba Diaby was listed to represent the SPD from Halle (east Germany). He migrated some years back to study in Germany. This has a very personal symbolic meaning to me, I too migrated and studied in east Germany and so i relate more to his story (the struggle and the success). On the 22nd of June we posted elaborately on him please check it out:
The other ,Charles M. Huber, was listed to represent the CDU  from Darmstadt. He is relatively a new kid on the block of politics but not an unknown person. He already made
history in 1986 as the first Afro-German actor in a TV series.  As an actor he was most notable for playing Henry Johnson in the German crime series "The Old Fox". Charles M. Huber is a son of a Senegalese father and a German mother who was raised in Bavaria.
In 2002 the founded the organisation Afrika Direkt e. V., which supports young people, the poor and artists in Senegal and in Germany. He published his autobiography "Ein Niederbeyer in Senegal - Mein Leben zwischen zwei Welten" in 2005.
He serves as a consultant in intercultural issues relating to the state economy, a public speaker on integration issues and counsels athletes who are victims of racism in Germany.Since 2009 Charles M. Huber is a representative of the international council of the association "Austrian Service Abroad". 
In his political career, he was a member of the SPD party until 2004 when he changed to the CSU/CDU Union. He has publicly active since 2009 using his platforms to win voters for the the Union.

CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY!! Let's see more change!!! 
Oh Yes...22nd September is a day to be remembered by all Germans!!

Luc Degla: Author and Storyteller with esprit!

As a writer Luc Degla grants, among others insights into the lives of Africans in Germany - their sorrows, their joys and their survival mechanisms.  He jokingly takes his readers into a world between Africa and Europe, without sparing them a critical confrontation with the topic of immigration and integration. A witty but honest intercultural dialogue. However Luc Degla studied and holds a degree in mechanical engineering.
The 45-year-old Luc Degla was born in Benin, West Africa. His father was a math teacher and his mother was an elementary school teacher, thus mingling with books was nothing new to him at an early age. As a kid he would get applause from his family and friends for being a good storyteller. 

After graduating from College Polytechnique Coulibaly Cotonou, Benin, he studied mathematics for two years at the Calavi University in Benin before moving to Moscow, then in the Soviet Union, to study mechanical engineering. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he moved to Germany to continue his studies. He graduated as an industrial engineer in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig. During his studies he became more socially active as a member of various associations and committees in the city. He was chairman of the African Students Association. However, the music bar "Burundi Black"  Dibbesdorf, Brunswick, where he worked for 12 years, served as his key literary laboratory.

As a writer he worked as a columnist for the Braunschweig city magazine "Da Capo". His first book, "Das Africanische Auge - The African Eye", was published 2006 successfully sold 2000 copies. His collection of poem "Frechheiten" followed in 2007.

After graduating from university, Luc Degla received a work permit restricted to his field of study. Without a stable job or  money to start a firm with a minimum capital of 250 000 Euros or atleast 10 full time employed workers, as stipulated by the law, he had to leave the country. He returned to Benin, where he found no suitable job. Nonetheless he did not bail out and established a company in Cotonou that among other things, provides roadside assistance to car drivers.

2008, Mr. Degla decided to compliment mechanical engineering with full time writing. Since then, he wrote guides which address social problems.

 "Airbags gegen die Fremdenfeindlichkeit"
A memoir on Xenophobia
"Frechheiten"  a collection of cheeky short poems by Luc Degla. These poems revolve around life, love, women, home, nature and always about relationships. A smooth read which leaves its reader with a smile

"Dein neues Leben": a guide to life as a foreign student in Germany.

"Das afrikanische Auge" a collection of short stories in which an African student recognizes the reality of life in "actually existing socialism", and the life in the West and reflects the conditions in his African homeland, Benin. He tells stories which render their reader speechless and sometimes the reader is left with the laughter stuck in his throat.

Over the years, he has held numerous lectures and readings in schools, universities, festivals and German embassies.

In 2010 he was honored with the MAY AYIM Literature Prize.