Challenge Camerounais – More than just a game: The big picture

The big picture:

Cameroonians make up the largest group of foreign students from sub-Sahara Africa in Germany. The history of studying abroad for most Cameroonians goes many years back to colonial times. The  few scholars then were mainly on state scholarship or grants with the hope of being part of a booming development back home.  With the Cameroonian economic crisis from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s, many Cameroonians found greener career and economic pastures abroad, including Germany.

Hang around Cameroonians and you’ll feel their religious connection to football. Football is a Cameroonian passion thus a central point of attraction in a variety of Cameroonian gatherings. The seed for Challenge Cameroonian was planted in this light, when some 19years ago a few Cameroonian students made it a yearly routine to meet, rekindle their nostalgia, make old and new friends all around a few football games. They created teams along lines of new and old acquaintances and made it a CHALLENGE to win the game.  This tradition has been kept over the years and today Challenge Camerounais is MORE THAN JUST A GAME.

Most often Challenge Camerounais is only associated to football and an after-party, whereas the real picture is bigger.

Challenge Camerounais symbolizes in many ways bilingualism, a true Cameroonian identity. Check out the name again Challenge (English), Camerounais (French). It is an assembly of  about 20 Cameroonian associations in Germany governed by a Board of Directors, Commissions and Delegates.

Over the years Challenge Cameroonais has grown into a multifunctional organisation that integrates sports, economic and business networking, social responsibility, as well as culture for both young and old!!!

Challenge Solidarity: gives back to the needy yearly. Last year's donation of 3500.00 EURO was made to "Fondation Petit Dan & Sarah”, an orphanage in Soa, Cameroon.

Challenge Business and Social Forum:  an annual forum for German and Cameroonian businesswomen and -men, entrepreneurs, scientist, politicians and social activists.

Challenge Culture:  a thrilling show with traditional dances, fashion parade, theatre art, music and other stage performances.

Challenge Kids:  a play and exchange paradise for ‘Junior challengistes ‘ as they are called.

Challenge Gala Night with Miss & Mr. Challenge Pageant: where elegance meets wit, talent and responsibility. The winner of the pageant acts as an ambassador of Challenge Solidarity.
Challenge Football, Challenge Handball, Challenge Basketball and Challenge Athletics.

Their annual event is one of the largest festivities organised by a single group of immigrants in Germany. Yearly about 5000 to 6000 people make it a date over Pentecost weekend to do one of the following: old and new friends 
....participate in one of the many sport activities (Football, Handball, Basketball, Athletics)
....share views and create networks at the business and social forum , especially of German-Cameroonian nature 
....get enticed by the Challenge Cultural Show with various artistic performances to african beats at the Challenge Disco Night
...attend the Challenge Gala Night with Miss & Mr. Challenge Pageant and a guest Cameroonian artist
…contribute towards helping the needy in their motherland thru Challenge Solidarity
This year’s event ‘Time for a new generation’ holds from 21. 05 to 24.05 in Darmstadt Germany and offers a flamboyant program which goes beyond a highly reputable sports tournament. A big part of this year’s event is attributed to Challenge Solidarity. The Business and Social Forum will focus on "the road of the entrepreneur in Cameroon" with a look at the status quo of economic relations between Germany and Cameroon. The Challenge Disco Night on Saturday offers you a chance to shake yourself before you wreck yourself. The Challenge Gala Night and the Miss Challenge pageant will round up the activities of the Challenge Camerounais Darmstadt 2010 weekend.