Georges Adéagbo - Beninese Sculptor in Hamburg

In courtesy of SAVVY Contemporary: The conceptual artist Georges Adéagbo was born in 1942 in Cotonou (Benin). He lives and works in Cotonou and Hamburg. After studying law in Abidjan and Rouen, Adéagbo returned to Benin in 1968. Until he was accidentally discovered in 1993 by a European curator, he made daily installations in his yard complex without regarding himself as an artist. In 1999 he participated in the Venice Biennale and was awarded for his installation at the Campo Arsenale. For Okwui Enwezor's Documenta 11 in Kassel 2002,
Adéagbo presented an in-situ installation, which was later acquired in a modified form by the collection of the Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Adéagbo is one of today's most renowned and prolific artists with works in major collections, e.g. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Toyota City Museum and KIASMA Helsinki. 

Amongst many other international exhibitions, his work has been shown in: 1997 Johannesburg Biennale, 1998 Sao Paolo Biennale, 1999 Venice Biennale, 2000 PS1 New York, 2001 The Short Century by Okwui Enwezor in Museum Villa Stuck Munich, 2002 Documenta 11 Kassel, 2005 Belgique Visionnaire by Harald Szeemann in Bozar Brussels, 2006 Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2008 Palazzo Vecchio Florence, 2009 MAK Vienna, Venice Biennale, 2011 MUSAC Leòn, Kiasma ARS 11 Helsinki, 2012 Paris Triennale, Biennale Regard Benin.

Installationsansicht: George Adéagbo "Betrachtet Geschichte!", 2008 (Foto: Martin Frommhagen) 
A documentary film LA PERSONNE DE GEORGES ADÉAGBO on his life, outstandingly gives a bird’s-eye view on the Georges Adéagbo's conceptual artistic practice.The gravity and multifacetedness of Adéagbo’s oeuvre unfolds as the film director Matteo Frittelli takes the viewer on a tour of Adéagbo’s installations from his Cotonou court yard through the Palazzo Vecchio Florence, Venice Biennial 2009 to MADRE Napels. (watchTrailer here:

LA PERSONNE DE GEORGES ADÉAGBO was premiered at the Paris Triennial in the Palais de Tokyo in 2012, is a revelation and sets a milestone in artist documentary filmmaking. Watch an interview with him at the Viennale:


Osman Nyei: Investment Advisor and Insurance Specialist; CEO of OBN-Expats Financial Advise Germany

The expatriate community in Germany is growing and the need for financial planning with it. As many more people of African descend decide to make Germany home, having a retirement plan, a goal-directed wealth accumulation or real estate financing scheme should not be ignored.

"A Sister in Germany" met with Osman Nyei, an investment advisor and insurance specialist to put a spotlight on these issues. Before moving on to our interview with him,   let's visit his background (we love that in Germany, don't we?). He graduated 2008 from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main with a degree in political sciences and economics. A year later he was certified  by the international chamber of commerce Cologne (IHK Köln) as an insurance specialist. He has worked as a financial and investment advisor with many big companies and became his own boss 2011 when he founded OBN -Expat Financial Advice Germany. He fluently speaks German, English and basic French.

First, a hearty thank you, Osman, for taking time off your very busy schedule to reach out to our readers.

A Sister in Germany: I know you as Osman Nyei but will you mind to tell our readers more about you and maybe about your roots?
Osman Nyei: Thanks SEA for having me here. Yes … The full name is Osman Bashir Nyei and I am Liberian. To be exact I’m as well half Sierra Leonean. Born in Egypt on May 5th 1978 and came to Germany along with the family in 1986. Since then I’ve lived, went to school and studied in Germany. Now I’m self-employed, married and we have a little boy. 

A Sister in Germany: How did you find yourself in the finance/investment/insurance branch? Actually you are the only African in Germany I know, who specifically does that
Osman Nyei: LoL … You know that’s funny to me too but at the same time sad. I do know about other Africans working in the financial sector but mostly for larger companies or if self-employed, then as an agent for one of the bigger brokerage agencies. But up till today, I just know about myself running an own agency, as an African in Germany.
The interesting thing is that anytime I speak to German clients, insurers or other brokers they first seem surprised but at the same time they are happy to see an African in the business.  
I was always interested in financial matters and wanted to understand the way things work.

A Sister in Germany:  Tell us more about OBN, Expats Financial Advice Germany. What is it exactly?
Osman Nyei: OBN stands for Osman Bashir Nyei …. That was the best name I could come up with. When I first started as a broker for a larger brokerage agency (that was in 2008) my supervisor sat down with me and told me: “Osman … It might be that if you happen to speak to potential clients and ask them to attend a consultation, they might react aggressively. I then asked him: Why do you think so. He said very politely: Don’t misunderstand me but it will have to do something with your skin color. At that point in time I had the choice to feel offended and walk out or just swallow. So I simply said: Well if that’s the case I speak to people who look like me”
Since then I’ve just been consulting staff members of larger international organizations and private persons. I did leave the company in 2011 and started OBN-Expats Financial Advice Germany. During my time I did learn that many foreigners first coming to Germany or already living in Germany do find it difficult to cope with insurance and financial matters. They are very happy with the fact that somebody with an intercultural background is there to assist them.

A Sister in Germany: Do you also offer your services to German expats abroad?
Osman Nyei: Yes I do …. I currently have several German clients living in Brazil, Sweden or the USA with property and investments in Germany; as well as  non-Germans who have set up plans in Germany.

A Sister in Germany: That would mean if someone decides to leave Germany after many years and for example go back home, you could still manage their retirement plan/ wealth/real estate from here.
Osman Nyei: Yes … It’s actually a very simple procedure. Many clients do think that it does not make sense to start a plan in Germany because they might move elsewhere. I always say, it actually does not matter where they build up their plans for the future. Most importantly is that they start somewhere.

A Sister in Germany: What about people abroad who plan to travel to Germany and need a health or travel insurance, do you cover those too? For example students, business people or tourists
Osman Nyei: Besides OBN, I run an online portal for students, employees, etc. called DeutscheInsurance, where people who plan to travel to Germany can ask for quotes and we  do our best to find a suitable insurance coverage for them. First we determine the reason of travel then we give advice on the best health insurance coverage for the client. It could be public, private or simply a travel insurance.

A Sister in Germany: How early should people start thinking of financial planning?
Osman Nyei:I believe we all always think about our finances and how to manage them. Some do it perfectly and do not need guidance. Others need to find and speak to an independent consultant.
And it is always simple to tell somebody that he/she should start very early. I would rather always want to understand the client's personal situation, determined goals, indicated potential risks and then take the necessary actions.
A Sister in Germany: must I have a huge salary in order to consider wealth accumulation or retirement planing or even buying a house or a flat. Are there any cut-offs, as in income.
Osman Nyei: Everybody can plan his/her finances. The most important thing is that the plans are realistic. Somebody with an income of 1.500€ Net for a family of four has to really think if it is reasonable to buy a property for 250.000€.
A Sister in Germany: What should people lookout for when going in for financial deals? What are 3 must-haves.
Osman Nyei:
- Make sure the consultant gives you the chance to compare different offers
- Talk to an independent and registered advisor
- Know what you are capable of doing

A Sister in Germany: What advice would you give to the younger generation on managing finances
Osman Nyei: First I would like to give the parents an advice. Almost every child in Germany does receive child allowance (Kindergeld). Not all families are able to put that money aside for the child. Basically, because of personal circumstances. If a parent can at least save some of that money for the future and make the child aware of such savings it could be very helpful. A child would see such act as an example and would proceed in the same manner.   

A Sister in Germany: How best can one reach you. Email? Website?
Osman Nyei: It’s best to reach me via eMail at or If you like please have a look at the website:   

A Sister in Germany: Now who are your role models, please don't say Rockefeller...
Osman Nyei: My father is Nr. 1 … He has a way of talking to people. He is very much respected & has achieved a lot regarding his background.
Nr. 2 … I would say is some guy called Christopher Williams. He is an investment banker at Wall Street who owns a very successful Company. The US magazine “Black Enterprise” had named his company as one of the best.     

A Sister in Germany: Thanks agian for honoring us with your time and knowledge.
Osman Nyei: Thank you for having me

Contact / Imprint

OBN - Expats Financial Advice Germany
Pariserstrasse 30
53117 Bonn
Tel.: +49 - (0)228 - 974 68 250
Mobil: +49 - (0)228 - 178 - 406 8077

Irene Azong-Wara bewirkt den Unterschied in der Schönheit und Haarpflege der Afrikanischen Frau weltweit.

Ich schnappte mir meine Kopie der neuesten Ausgabe von "Africa Positive" gestern und als ich durch blätterte, kam ein "wow .... endlich!" von mir auf Seite 39. Vor mir lächelte diese Schönheit, Irene Azong-Wara mit ihrem Artikel über Haarpflege.Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass ein Artikel von ihr  in diesem Magazin erscheint aber zum ersten Mal mit ihrem Gesicht darauf. Das ist der Grund für mein "wow - endlich". Sie ist in der Regel sehr diskret und ist lieber hinter den Kulissen ihrer Arbeit.

Irene ist eine selbst gemachte African-Naturalista, die Freude daran hat, das Wissen, das sie auf dieser Reise gewonnen hat, weiter zu geben. Sie leistet großartige Arbeit mit ihren Workshops über Schönheit und Haarpflege. Ihre letzte Veranstaltung "My Baby's Hair and Me" vom 15. September 2013 in Duisburg, die sich  auf Haarpflege für Kinder mit lockigen / Kinky / Afro-Haar konzentrierte, hatte eine beeindruckende Teilnehmerzahl.  Andere Vorbilder wie Theresa A. Franz kamen zu diesem Workshop  (Lest unseren Artikel über diese unaufhaltsame Frau  hier:

Irene Azong-Wara ist die Gründerin von FebMart, ein Online-Portal über Schönheit. Sie hat ein Masterstudium in Globalization Management abgeschlossen, ist verheiratet und eine liebevolle Mutter von zwei Jungs und einem Mädchen.
Was ich persönlich in dieser Frau bewundere? Ihr Sinn für Ordnung und Stil!

Irene nimmt ihre Leidenschaft über die Grenzen hinweg und startet  "Febmart" in Douala, Kamerun am 13. Dezember 2013 ab 14.00 Uhr.

Mehr über ihre Arbeit findet man hier:

Mach weiter so Schwester!

Irene Azong-Wara: Making a difference in the beauty and hair care of the African woman worldwide.

I grabbed my copy of the latest edition of Africa Positive magazine yesterday and as I browsed through..I went "wow....finally!" on page 39. There in-front of me was that signature smile and beauty of Mrs. Irene Azong-Wara and an article on hair care. This is not the first time an article of hers features in this magazine but the first time with her face on it. This is where the "wow--finally" comes in for me. She is usually very discrete and prefers being behind the scenes of her work. 

Irene is a self-made African-Naturalista who takes pleasure in sharing the knowledge she has gained on this journey. She does great work organizing workshops on beauty and hair care in her community and beyond. Her last event "My Baby's Hair and Me" on Sept. 15 2013 in Duisburg which focused on hair care for children with curly/kinky/Afro-hair had an impressive turn-out and even pulled other role models like Theresa A. Franz  to it.(check out our article on this never stopping woman here: ).
She is the founder of FebMart, an online portal which aims at bringing out the beauty in everyone it touches.

Irene his a holder of a Master's degree in Globalization Management. She is married and a loving mum to two boys and a girl.
What do I personally admire in this woman? Her organizing skills and sense of style!!!

Irene is venturing internationally with her passion and in this light she will be launching "Febmart" in Douala, Cameroon on the 13th of Dec 2013 from 2pm.

To learn more about her work visit:

Ride on sister!!

Adegoke Odukoya aka Ade Bantu: Nigerian-German musician, producer and socio-political activist. The "Afropean"

Adegoke Odukoya, aka Adé Bantu, is a Nigerian-German musician, producer and activist.  Adé Bantu was born July 13, 1971 in Wembley, London to a German mother, Barbara Odukoya, and a Nigerian father, Adeleke Odukoya. In 1973 he relocated to Lagos, Nigeria with his parents. After the death of his father in 1986 he moved with his mother and 3 siblings to Germany.
His music is an eclectic fusion of the rich cultural heritage of the Yorubas and the sounds of the African Diaspora. In his words in an interview with he describes himself as "..a grenzgaenger...a pan Africanist. I am an “Afropean”, Yoruba-Prussian musician, producer, singer/songwriter and activist, who uses music to explore and celebrate his urban African musical and cultural heritage"
He received the Kora Award (the Pan-African equivalent of the Grammy) 2005 for his debut album "Fuji Satisfaction" , which featured Senegalese Hip-hop veterans P.B.S; and his collaboration with the Nigerian Fuji star Adewale Ayuba.
 He is best known as the founder of the Afro-German musical collective and NGO "Brothers Keepers"  which fights against racism in Germany and as the front man of Bantu & Afrobeat Academy Band. 
Video "Lagos Jump" by Ade Bantu: 

His TV appearances include the cinema documentary "Yes I Am", a documentary on Afro Germans directed by Sven Halfar. He also appears in an episode of German soap Lindenstrasse (Episode 710). In 2012, Bantu joined the panel of judges of Project Fame West Africa, a music TV reality show.
He now lives and works from Nigeria.
His recent video Oya is full of energy and youthful playfulness. Watch the video below:

Lena-Sinwo Ngassa und die "Elisabeth liest" Lese-AG der Bergschule Heilbad Heilingenstadt

Gestolpert bin auf Lena im Rahmen einer Forschung über Leute afrikanischer Herkunft bei der Frankfurter Buchmesse  2013. Ich sah ein Bild von Ihr bei der Verleihung des Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreises auf Facebook, gepostet von ihrer Mutter. Sofort schrieb Ich die Mutter an mit der Frage ob ich über Lena schreiben darf. Die Antwort könnt ihr schon ahnen, sonst hätte ich nicht diesen Artikel.

Erstens finde ich Leseratten ganz schon cool!!! Vielleicht weil ich auch immer eine gewesen bin.

Lena ist die Tochter eines kamerunischen Vaters und einer deutschen Mutter. Sie hat einen jungeren Bruder, Simon Ngassa. Ihre Liebe zu Büchern lebt Lena bei der "Elisabeth liest" Lese - AG der Bergschule aus.

Nun was ist die Lese - AG der Bergschule? 
Da sind ca 30 Kids zwischen zwischen 10 und 17 Jahren, die für uns Bücher lesen und kommentieren. In ihrer Buchauswahl orientieren sie sich an den Nominierungslisten des Arbeitskreis für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur (AKJ e.V) sowie an den von der Allgemeinheit momentan gern gelesen Büchern. Die AKJ e.V. wurde 1955 als Dachverband der Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in Deutschland und  zu seinen Aufgaben gehören die Organisation und Bekanntgabe des Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreises, Leseförderung und Orientierungshilfe zur Kinder- und Jugendliteratur in Form der Fachzeitschrift "JuLit" und andere Publikationen. Außerdem ist die AKJ e.V die deutsche Sektion des International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) international. Ach so! Das bedeutet die Lese-AG der Bergschule hat eine sehr einflussreiche Aufgabe..!!! 

Seit Januar 2012 arbeiten sie als eine der 6 Jugend-Jurys in Deutschland, die die Vorschläge für den Deutschen Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis auswählen, der jährlich vergeben wird.  
Was machen sie so genau als Jury?
Zunächst sichten sie die Neuerscheinungen, dann wird es vier mal im Jahr darüber bestimmt, welche Bücher, die sie lesen wollen. Die Bücher werden von den Verlagen dann zur Verfügung gestellt. Nun ist es Zeit für die Bücherwürmer sich an die Arbeit zu machen.  Möglichst viele von ihnen sollen möglichst viele Neuerscheinungen lesen. Zweimal im Jahr erstellen sie eine Hitliste von 5-10 Büchern, (so etwas wie Hitparade der Büchern, bloß nicht auf MTV oder VIVA) aus denen sie dann am Ende eins zur Nominierung vorschlagen müssen. Aus den Vorschlägen aller Jurys wird eine Vorschlagsliste von 6 Büchern vom AKJ (Arbeitskreis für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur) zusammengestellt. Die Autoren stellen sich auf der Leipziger Buchmesse im März und auch auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse im Oktober vor. Dort werden auch die Sieger gewählt und gekürt.

Das Ganze noch einmal in graphischer Darstellung: 

Die Liebe zur Bücher scheint wohl in der Familie zu liegen. Ihr Vater Dr. med. E. A Ngassa hat selbst einige Bücher publiziert, zuletzt "Manungas Lehrbuch Pidgin Englisch/Deutsch" , ein Wörterbuch.

Lena-Sinwo hat spaß nicht nur am Lesen sondern auch mit Sprachen. So wurde sie im Mai 2013 zum zweiten Mal eine der bestplazierten Schülerinnen und Schüler des Englisch-Wettbewerbs "The Big Challenge". 

An diesem in ganz Europa ausgetragenen Wettbewerb nahmen mehr als 600 000 Schüler der Jahrgangsstufen 5 bis 9 teil, mehr als 8 000 allein in Thüringen. Lena-Sinwo Ngassa gelang es, in der Klassenstufe 6 bzw. 8 jeweils einen 6. Platz in Thüringen zu belegen.

Weiter so Lena-Sinwo.....A Sister in Germany ist ganz stolz auf dich!!!


"Welcome" by Dr. phil. Hıdır Çelik - political scientist, sociologist, and litterateur. Head of MIGRApolis-Germany, Chairman of BIM e.V and Head of EMFA

When I read this poem, I knew I had to share it on any platform. It crosses boarders and should be at home anywhere; whether or not the author is African. Dr. Hidir Celik has a turkish background. The Turks make the largest group of immigrants in Germany.


by Hidir Eren Celik

Welcome – wherever you come from
        However you look
        Whatever you speak
Welcome – wherever you come from
        Whatever you believe in
        Whichever religion you belong to
        Athiests too
Welcome – you are a human child
        As a refugee on the run
        An imigrant
Welcome – you are our future
        An enrichment to our dreams
        Like fluttering butterflies accross the border
        You bring the light of the sun into our world
Welcome – wherever you come from
        From Asia, Africa or America
        To us the whole world is one
        One world in which we are all human beings
Welcome – you  my sister
Welcome – you my brother
Welcome – you orphaned child of war
        poverty and misery
Welcome – you human children fleeing from hunger
        We have enough bread to share
Welcome – come and rid us of our greed
        Plant a tree which bears  fruit for us all
        For the world was created for us human beings
        As a homeland without bourndaries in all it’s diversity
        Come, let us together make the world our homeland
Welcome home…

Yolander James-Händler: Designerin, CEO von Yolander James Collection

Yolander James - Händler wurde auf der Karibikinsel Dominica geboren, wo sie nach der High School eine Ausbildung zur Damenschneiderin absolvierte. Sie öffnete ihre erste Mode-Atelier in der Hauptstadt Roseau, die seinerzeit  durch ihre Reisen in Zentral-und Südamerika inspiriert wurde. Sie trug diese Leidenschaft mit ihr, als sie in Hamburg vor rund 20 Jahren landete. Einmal in Deutschland, schniefte sie fleißig durch die internationalen Modeszene und krönte ihre Leidenschaft mit einer professionellen Ausbildung an der JAK Fashion and Design Academy Hamburg in "Schnitt-und Fertigungsdirektrice und Modedesign". Zwei bemerkenswerte Meilensteine im berüflichen Leben der Designerin waren  im Jahr 2006 , als sie Hamburg mit der Präsentation ihrer ersten Kollektion "Yolander James" begeisterte und im Jahr 2010, als sie eine starke Welle bei der Karibik Fashion Week in Kingston, Jamaika durchsetzte.

Sehen oben  das Video zu ihrem Catwalk Run Way Show 2010 in Jamaika:

Es wird gesagt, dass die Kreation von Yolanda James ein karibisches Flair in die europäische Mode bringt. Sie selber beschreibt ihre Arbeit als eine Mischung aus den interkulturellen Austausch, "Kultur-Mix", Temperament und Hollywood in den 50er und 60er Jahren. Was sage Ich? Darauf kommen wir zurück, wenn ich mein erstes Yolander James Stück anprobiere. Da ihre Sammlung als einen eleganten zeitlosen Luxus für jede Frau der Welt beschrieben wird, glauben Sie mir, wird es bald dazu kommen!

Hiermit ein Ausschnitt von ihr 2013/2014 Kollektion. Sie können Yolanda James auf Schopstrasse 8, 20255 Hamburg finden.

Our hearts and thoughts are with the Filipino people (Unsere Herzen und Gedanken sind bei den Filipinos)

Our hearts go out to all Filipinos especially to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda(Haiyan). Natural disasters like this come as an awakening of how short life can be and how much of it is vanity. In the aftermath of this disaster, the victims will need our prayers to convey them comfort and strength. They will also need physical and financial support as they put back their lives together. Basic needs like shelter,water, food, medication have become of even greater value. For those who are moved to donate you may want to use the following links (most of them use different payment methods including Paypal).
1) the Philippine Red Cross
2) Deutschland hilft vorort
3) World Food Program Philippine


Unsere Herzen sind bei allen Filipinos, vor allem bei den Opfern des Taifuns Yolanda (Haiyan). Naturkatastrophen wie diese sind ein Erwachen, wie kurz das Leben sein kann und wieviel davon Eitelkeit ist. In der Zeit nach der Katastrophe, we...rden die Opfer unsere Gebete brauchen, um ihnen Trost und Kraft zu geben. Sie benötigen auch unsere körperliche und finanzielle Hilfe, als sie ihre Leben wieder aufbauen. Grundbedürfnisse wie Unterkunft, Wasser, Lebensmittel, Medikamente sind noch wertvoller geworden. Für diejenigen, die spenden wollen, können Sie die folgenden Links (die meisten von ihnen benutzen verschiedene Zahlungsarten z.B Paypal)
1) die philippinische Rote Kreuz
2) Deutschland hilft vorort
3) World Food Program Philippine

Yolander James-Händler: Designer, CEO of Yolander James Collection

Yolander James - Händler was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica, where she trained as a tailor after high school. She opened her first  fashion atelier in the capital, Roseau, which carried a collection inspired by her travels through central and south America. She carried this passion with her when he set foot in Hamburg about 20 years ago. Once in Germany she sniffed diligently through the international fashion scenes and crowned her passion with a professional training at the JAK Fashion and Design Academy Hamburg  " Schnitt- und Fertigungsdirektrice und Modedesign".  Two  career determining milestones in the life of Yolanda James have been in 2006 when she thrilled Hamburg with the presentation of  her first collection "Yolander James" and in 2010 when she sent waves across the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston, Jamaica.

Watch the video above to see her run way show in Jamaica:

Some say her creation brings Caribbean flair into european fashion. She describes her work as a mixture of intercultural exchanges, "culture-mix", temperament and Hollywood in the 50's and 60's. What do I say? We will come back to that when I get to try my first Yolander James piece on. And since her collection is described as an elegantly timeless luxury for every woman in the world, trust me, I will be getting mine soon!!!

Herewith a snippet of her 2013/2014 Collection. You can find her on Schopstrasse 8, 20255 Hamburg