Veye Tatah: Painting a different image of Africa

Veye Tatah was born in Cameroon, studied computer sciences in Dortmund, works as a Consultant in Computer Sciences and is the founder and producer of the popular magazine: Africa Positive since 1998. Confronted with the negative press image of Africa, Veye Tatah decided to take matters into her hands and founded the success magazine Africa positive which has done a great job in painting a more realistic picture of the motherland. Africa Positive is released quarterly and can be bought at almost every international press (hauptbahnhof) in Germany. She has given a voice to many Africans and enlightenment to many through her magazine. Ride on sister!!!

Veye Tatah hat mit ihrer Zeitschrift "Afrika Positive" seit 1998 vielen eine Stimme gegeben und der deutchsprachigen Welt ein ausgewogenes Bild von Afrika. Sie kam aus Kamerun nach Deutschland um ein Studium in Informatik zu absolvieren. Als sie mit dem negativen K-Themen über Afrika in den Mainstream-Medien konfrontiert wurde, beschloss sie persönlich aktiv dagegen zu wirken. Heute ist sie Grunderin und Chefredacteurin des Erfolgsmagazins "Afrika Positiv" und Preisträgerin von vielen Auszeichungen. Sie arbeitet als IT-Fachfrau hauptberuflich.

Cherno Jobatey: Perfect Anchorman in Suits, a Pony tail and Sneakers

Sie haben einen Gute-Laune-Animateur gesucht aber einen herzlichen Nachrichtenjunkie gefunden:

A fine suit, a pair of sneakers and a pony tail isn't the traditional picture you'll imagine of a popular TV newscaster but Cherno makes the difference. He revolutionized that stiff image of a perfect journalist and TV presenter. Depending on the main headlines of the day, he would put a smile on your face or bring you to tears without exaggeration when he greets Germany every weekday into another dawn on ZDF Morgenmagazin.
He was born in Berlin to a German mum and a Gambian father. His family had to live on welfare so he learnt at a tender age to work hard and even harder than others if he had to stand out. Cherno Jobatey studied political science at the Free University Berlin.In his fourth semester he won a German Academic Exchange Service grant to study political science and music in Los Angeles for a year, where the boomerang all began with a talk-show he hosted on Jesse Jackson. Today he is one of Germany's best exports in mass journalism. He is also very involved in many projects helping unprivileged kids to realise their dreams...

TV-Presenter Cherno Jobatey is "Germany’s most entertaining alarm clock" FAZ (04/05/06) .

TV-Presenter Cherno Jobatey, "shaped ZDF- Morning News with his irrepressible zest" BUNTE (24/06).
"His winning smile has long been part of the TV-show", cheers Cologne Paper „Express" for the “well-known German TV anchorman” (Washington Post).
"No one is quite as entertaining" adds Germany's tv guide Hoer Zu about the morning news anchor.


Dave Davis, comedian and cabaret artist was born 1973 in Cologne.He can be compared to a double-edged-sword: kills you with laughter while addressing sensitive relevant issues. Motombo slips into different stereotyped roles displaying great talent and making the society laugh at itself........

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