SAVVY Contemporary Berlin: Metamorphosis of a "dialogue" into a "trialogue".

The more I read about SAVVY Contemporary, the more I find myself asking questions:
Are you just as exotic to me as I am to you?
Is the dominant culture the norm? Is my reality your utopia and your utopia my reality?
Savvy contemporary, an art and project space in Neuköln Berlin, deliberately sows against the currents to answer these questions in a world wherein an ever growing multiculturalism and pluralism can't be ignored.
In times  when central European and North American art coined "western art" has become the definition of "world art", Savvy Contemporary is boldly going an extra mile to tell a different story. It brings in a third arm of contemporary art from the rest of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia  thus transforming the international "dialogue"  to a "trialogue".   Every two months they present an exhibition whereby a curator is invited to moderate this "trialogue" between “western art” and “non-western art”.
Their North-South deliberations supplement a historical East-West dialogue in Berlin, thus projecting this metropolis to the nucleus of today's intellectual and critical artistic exchange.

In so doing Savvy Contemporary ranks as a multidimensional space where ideas are transformed into forms and forms into ideas as the world of art is being brought to your doorsteps in Neuköln Berlin.

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Berlin, Germany


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