DJ Bizi Brown - international DJ and Producer

Most people in Germany know pop music  but not Afropop. A socially conscious DJ and producer is changing that. DJ Bizi Brown is that special Afropop and hip hop icing on every event with a refreshing flavor. An impressive example of passion and professionalism. It all started like a joke at house parties, wedding receptions etc...but the brother actually meant business and went from Brown to Bizi Brown. His drive, focus, passion and professionalism never knew nahsayers. 
He is currently a celebrated game changer: bringing Afropop and his roots on platforms which would otherwise miss out on this spice to life. 
He is part of the Freedom Movement with other famous Afrogerman stars like Gerald Asamoah, Nelson Müller, Metaphysics etc. Yep! Even my cruch Xavier Naidoo sent out a video message in support of the movement. That's huge!
Last but not least he is one of the forces behind Afrolicious Festival, which broke all records of Afropop Events ever organized in Germany featuring stars from the mother continent like Wizkid and Magique System!!

I strongly believe there is a lot more to expect from Bizi Brown... Can't wait for the surprises...For now I hear he is on tour in China!