Germany Prepares for Black History Month 2010

Black history month owes its creation some good 126 years ago to Dr. Carter G. Woodson, an african- american historian. Dr. Woodson intended to draw attention to contributions made to history and society by blacks. Today it has become quite international and Germany has been part of these celebrations since about 13years, with Hamburg and Berlin as flag-bearers.

For activities in Berlin: and

For activies in Hamburg:

This weekend is characterised with kick-off parties across the nation as people of african heritage prepare to celebrate their history and themselves!!

February will be marked with discussions, artistic presentations, lectures, book readings and cultural dance nights in big cities.

This year the organisation, Initiative of Afro-germans (Initiative Schwarze Deutsche ,ISD), which initiated the celebration of this month in Germany, will be joined by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (icd),  Bun­des­zentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) and Goethe Institut in organising a series of events in Berlin.
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