West African Prints + Soft Textures of Silk = Eki Orleans

"..it's my mission to bring out the colourful goddess in every woman" says Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, the mind and craft behind Eki Orleans fashion label.  Born in Germany to a german mother and nigerian father, Hazel grew up in the busy city of Lagos in Nigeria, where her fascination for west african patterns is rooted. She returned to Germany at 17yrs and later moved to London, her current base. She worked in financial account management for close to 10 years. A mother of two. Like many upcoming new kids in the branch she is a self-thought designer . Discovering her love for indian fabrics added flavour and excitement to her passion for style which led to her first sensational creation: a collection of outstanding scarfs: (Pic below: Eki Orleans scarfs)

Combining vivid african prints with soft textures of silk equals Eki Orleans. A label for every woman who intends to elegantly bring out her passionate, sexy and brave side. Here is my opinion of the Eki Orleans woman: 
The Eki Orleans femme is ageless and unique,  yet like every other woman she tries to find the balance between career and family. A laid back woman who is an eye-catcher when she does the effort to look good. She need not be rich but could save up for that special talk-of-the-day outfit.  She is not mainstreamed creating her own style. She sets her own trend. (Eki Orlean creations: pic below) http://www.ekiorleans.com

Hazel's design and career reflect her nigerian and german roots as well as other influences she gained through travelling across the globe.