Papa Afrika - Mr. Danku: Cut and Sow in Düsseldorf

I recently described Mr. Danku's Papa Afrika shop to a friend as my newfound treasure island. And truly that is what it is to me.

A place where treasurable inspirations ooze from every corner, basked in colorful  African prints and tamed with contemporary fashion and design.
Ankara prints integrated into raffia bags, wedges with lace embroidered heels, Yoruba hats to match any man's outfit no matter his style, typical Yoruba geles to complement the glamor of any elegant dress....pillows and shopper bags in eye-catching prints.

These and much more are all at home in Mr. Danku's neatly arranged show room on Corneliusstr. 127 Düsseldorf.

Mr. Danku was born and raised in Kwarra State Nigeria. He moved to Germany in 2001. A few years later he started designing for different shops and show rooms. In May 2012 he established his shop at Corneliusstr. 127 Düsseldorf, where he makes bespoke tailoring affordable to everyone.

Raphael Folorunsho Alayo has transformed his childhood nickname "Danku" to a successful brand by Papa Afrika.
At the age of 15, he took to sowing as a means of extra income for his grandma, who raised him up. While other kids played around the village after school, Mr. Danku drew inspiration from his surroundings to design clothes for his community.

These childhood imprints can still be traced till date. Thus it was no surprise when he revealed that the hat he wore during our interview was inspired by head pads worn by Hausa construction worker's in the area where he grew up. When asked about the source of his current creative impulses, he replied with a broad smile "nature, bright colors, my childhood and of course the forms and contours of the female form".

In his ever friendly, polite and professional manner; aired with a sense of achievement, Mr. Danku presented me his most recent creations and off course I had to strike....


Corneliusstr. 127
40215 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0152-10384371