Germany reaches another milestone and votes its first Afro-Germans in Parliament!!!!

Germany listed its first Afro-Germans in parliament. Not one but two persons at once!!! And both are of Senegalese origin. 
Dr. Karamba Diaby was listed to represent the SPD from Halle (east Germany). He migrated some years back to study in Germany. This has a very personal symbolic meaning to me, I too migrated and studied in east Germany and so i relate more to his story (the struggle and the success). On the 22nd of June we posted elaborately on him please check it out:
The other ,Charles M. Huber, was listed to represent the CDU  from Darmstadt. He is relatively a new kid on the block of politics but not an unknown person. He already made
history in 1986 as the first Afro-German actor in a TV series.  As an actor he was most notable for playing Henry Johnson in the German crime series "The Old Fox". Charles M. Huber is a son of a Senegalese father and a German mother who was raised in Bavaria.
In 2002 the founded the organisation Afrika Direkt e. V., which supports young people, the poor and artists in Senegal and in Germany. He published his autobiography "Ein Niederbeyer in Senegal - Mein Leben zwischen zwei Welten" in 2005.
He serves as a consultant in intercultural issues relating to the state economy, a public speaker on integration issues and counsels athletes who are victims of racism in Germany.Since 2009 Charles M. Huber is a representative of the international council of the association "Austrian Service Abroad". 
In his political career, he was a member of the SPD party until 2004 when he changed to the CSU/CDU Union. He has publicly active since 2009 using his platforms to win voters for the the Union.

CONGRATULATIONS GERMANY!! Let's see more change!!! 
Oh Yes...22nd September is a day to be remembered by all Germans!!