From Limbe to Berlin: Arrey Fashion. Top Fashion Designer selling in more than 35 countries

Arrey Kono Enow was born in Victoria, today's Limbe in Cameroon to a family which had little understanding for her love for tailoring as a child and even less for her later ambitions of becoming a designer. Her step-mum,who she grew up with, is a professor, her dad an engineer, her siblings are doctors and lawyers etc, thus academics had to define her life by force. She studied linguistics and translations. Moving to Europe took her far away from family pressure thus she let her talents flow and spread her wings.While selling clothes in a street market, she was discovered by a kind-hearted lady who offered her the chance to showcase her designs in West Germany and she has never stopped flying ever since.

Arrey speaks many languages including English, German and Italian.

 Here is an interview with her on Insight Germany:

Her brand "Arrey Fashion "embodies instinct and passion, her fashion is artful, young and sexy. Experimenting with high quality fabrics and an unconventional combination of materials are Arrey's trademark. This earned her an international reputation as a trendsetter in the fashion world. Her designs emphasize her customer's personality and leave enough room for individual creativity and styling.

Lentzeallee 5b
D-14195 Berlin, Germany

phone +49 30 27 90 89 59

sales +49 30 28 04 07 79
fax +49 30 28 04 52 98

Excerpts from the look book!!