The first public library of African literature in Germany

 Another milestone in the history of Afrogermans and Germany as a whole. One born of love, respect, friendship, loyalty, self-conciousness, courage, perseverance and staying true to a cause. In moments like this, I imagine what the dynamics in the Afro-German community would be, if respectable ones we've lost, like May Ayim and Vera Heyer were still alive. It is comforting to know that their spirit still lives on through friends, believers, sympathizers and commited individuals and groups . Thank you Each One Teach One for taking on a respectable cause.

On Friday the 21.03.2014 the doors of the first library of African literature by people of African heritage in Germany opened in Wedding, Berlin.
The private collection of books, newspapers, documentaries, all together about 2000, was made by Vera Heyer, an Afro-Grman, who died 19years ago. Vera Heyer was raised in an orphanage and developed a passion for books on black history and African heritage, because to her, books were provide a path to heritage especially for kinds who lack family ties. Read your history..know yourself.

Müllerstraße 55-58,
13349 Berlin 

19 Jahre nach ihrem Tod erfüllt sich endlich Vera Heyers Wunsch: Das große Literaturarchiv der Afro-Deutschen wird nun in einer eigenen Bibliothek im Wedding der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht. Am Freitag war die Eröffnung. Wer ist Vera Heyer? :

DISCLAIMER: All picture credits go to Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V. who made this possible and made the dream of a sister come true even after 19years.