Municipal Elections, Foreigner's Advisory Council Elections, European Parliament Elections 2014

On May 25th Germany will be voting  candidates for municipal and integration councils as well as the european parliament.
I have the impression there ha never been such a big wave of Africans actively participating at various levels of the elections like this year. Is it the Karamba-Huber-Effect?  Dr. Diaby Karamba and Charles Huber were voted last year as the first black members of the German parliament and created quiet a resonance in the press, both main- and off-stream.  Are we experiencing a tombola here? Did their election give other Africans in Germany a new sense of self'? Did it re-define Germany as home to many immigrants who now felt embraced and accepted?  Have we finally realized that we are here to stay, thus we want to actively shape the society we want for our children? Or is it just a share of the limelight Karamba and Huber got?

Here are some of the candidates of African descent represented in various cities, I found.

Vera Nkenyi Ayemle
SPD Candidate, Municipal Elections, Esslingen.

Read our interview with her (in German):

Kelvin Uguru
CDU Candidate, Municipal Elections, Essen

Irene Appiah
SPD Candidate, Municipal Elections, Hamburg

Eileen-Mary Porsh-Oduro
CDU Candidate Municipal Elections , Hamburg

Clément Klutse
CDU-Candidate, Municipal Elections Hamburg

Adeyemi Ademuyiwa
SPD Candidate, Municipal Elections Hamburg

Gilbert Yimbou
Die Linke, Candidate Municipal Elections Düsseldorf

Hasan Yacoubou et al.
Foreigner's Advisory Council Elections Dortmund

Kaisa Ilunga et al
BIG Candidates Municipal Elections, Bonn

Foreigner's Advisory Council Elections Cologne

Christian Ejodamen and United Africa for Oberhausen 
Foreigners Advisory Council Elections, Oberhausen