Backstage with Nneka in Krefeld

My encounter with Nneka was somewhat unusual. It wasn't unusual to be the only african in the audience at her concert in Magdeburg. I had found my way to the front row ( I always try to ) and I could feel her energy and words deep down in me. When I went to sign the CD I had bought, she said ' I was happy to see you on the first row because I believe you can connect to my message'. That was the first time an artist personally expressed the wish to connect and send out a message to me. We then exchanged contacts...and I have been a number one fan since then.....

If you are uncomfortable with the truth then you can't be at ease with Nneka whose first two albums ' Victim of truth' and ' No longer at ease' let their titles speak for themselves.

Her most successful single 'Heartbeat' made the top ten of German charts 2007. Listen to her speak about that single:

And a lil more Nneka....

Nneka was born (1981) and raised in Nigeria. She later moved to Germany where her career in Music kicked off. Put in her words..'music found me and not I music', it is no wonder that major German newspapers labelled this beautiful talent very timely the Lauryn Hill of Germany.