Femi Awoniyi and The African Courier

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Femi Awoniyi, Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the African Courier.

The African courier has become a natural craving for readers who are interested in the African continent and in the life of Africans in Europe. It is a news and cultural magazine born 1998 in Germany by Awoniyi Femi, its editor-in-chief, as a source of information for those genuinely interested in a fairly painted picture of the motherland. It is published every other month and distributed by subscription as well as in several press outlets at train stations, airports and in selected African shops in many European countries. It has a wide range of readers who all have one thing in common: an interest in Africa

Quoting Mr. Awoniyi on their tenth anniversary last year..."Ten years down the road, we can look back with satisfaction that our efforts have been justified, as The African Courier has become a much sought after publication across Western Europe. For too long, others have determined the image of Africa and Africans. Hence, the necessity for an active African media participation in the West.The African Courier therefore diversifies the sources of news, analyses and opinions about Africa and Africans in Europe. „