Eyum Anneh & Co: Breathing Art and Culture into Integration

Mülheim a.d Ruhr's strategic position in Germany's largest urban agglomeration and industrial zone automatically comes with a colourful history of immigration. Africans in this area and in Mülheim specifically, are an active part in the immigrant community and history. Since a little above three years, Eyum Anneh & Co cultural foundation has added through emphasis on cultural heritage and art to this rich diversity.

The name "Eyum Anneh" stems originally from western Cameroon and means "Voice of the people". As a cultural foundation they echo the people's cry in one voice for unity, love and prosperity for all irrespective  of age, class, gender or race. They commit themselves to foster Arts, Culture and Integration through seminars, organizing cultural/traditional dance competitions, sporting activities and as well as participating in other educative pursuits and conferences.

Their annual "Afrika-Kulturtag" pulls participants and spectators across the nation to their summer thrill of cultural heritage amidst sports, traditional dance competitions and other artistic performances for the entire family. A must-see flamboyance. Introduced this year was an african music award which if maintained will go a long way to add good flavor to folk music made in Germany.

As a group they are also very engaged in stirring awareness of discrimination against mentally and physically handicapped people.http://www.eyumanneh.org/