Dayan Tweneboah Kodua - Model and Actress

Dayan Tweneboah Kodua was born in Ghana and later moved with her family at the age of 10 to Kiel in Germany, where she did her primary and secondary education. She decided to make a living out of her passion for music. She worked both as a background singer and dancer for many artists such as Sacha, Chris de Burgh, Haddaway,  Lou Bega, Rigth Said Fred, Master P. and Nelly; an experience from which she gathered lessons for later on.
A path that led her to display her talent and beauty as a professional model working for Thierry Mugler, Escada, Versace, Otto Versand etc.
She decided to attend college and graduated as an economic assistant. While in college she continued to work as a model. Dayan won the Miss Schleswig-Holstein beauty pageant and became the first black to win such a national pageant award in Germany. In the subsequent election of Miss Germany, Dayan took a proud fifth place.Succeses which without saying opened several doors for her. Other jobs during her days in college as  field customer support and assistant in planning trade fairs, exhibitions and fashion shows were other pre-pluses to her career. 2006 she was chosen to work as a catwalk model besides Snoop Dog and Angie Stone for the Micheal Jackson Foundation charity gala in House of Blues LA.
Dayan moved to Berlin in 2001 to take drama, singing and voice lessons. This ever aspiring  woman drew closer to her dreams by moving  to Los Angeles where she continued to take lessons at Actor Fields Certified Training, Theater of Arts and Tasha Smith Studio.  Given her biography, it is no wonder that she speaks German and Twi as her mother tongues, fluent English, some French and some Spanisch. She has featured in diverse roles in various movies and TV series:
„Dr. Molly & Karl“ (2008/SAT1)
"Der Dicke“ (2009/ARD)
"Fleisch ist mein Gemüse“, (KINO)
"Haialarm auf Mallorca"  (2004/RTL)
"Balko" (2003/RTL)
"Wolffs Revier" (2003/Sat1)
"Boston Legal"
"Lords of the Underworld"

"Wenn Bäume Puppen tragen" 2010
Dayan is a role model especially to people of african decent in Germany. She is very conscious of her influence on young people who identify with her cultural heritage thus engages in community development by active participation in projects which promote education and quality life  for immigrants like AYACSA eV . She also gives back to Ghana by supporting the building of hospitals and schools through associations like "Ghanahilfe".

Dayan in her own words (translated ) " It is very important, that young people in Europe, and specifically those born or raised in Germany , to understand they will always be outwardly black irrespective of how german they feel. It is of no use to anybody to deny their roots in the anxiety to seek satisfaction or success. On the other hand it makes no sense to blame every mishappening on your heritage. This is true for everybody, no matter their skin color. Thus kids and teens should learn early enough to deal with these issues in their daily lives without letting that deprive them of their goals. For the ability to change your life positively and in so doing, positively impact the world around you, lies in your hands"

Now thatz word!!!