Soon in German movie theaters: VIVA RIVA, Kinshasa is calling!!!

Written and directed by congolese filmmaker, Djo Tunda wa Munga, VIVA RIVA tells an authentic story about life in Kinshasa's ghettos. A gangster movie which keeps you thrilled to the end, wining around  Riva's dream of big money and power. Like most gangster stories, sex and violence play a major role in this film yet it brings out another side of Kinshasa, shared by most growing cities in the world. Personally I applaud Djo Tunda wa Munga for using local talents, all casted from Kinshasa's theaters, thus providing them a big springboard to display their talents to a wider audience.

Viva Riva has already been awarded numerous prizes, including the African Movie Academy Awards in Nigeria and accolades at the Berlin and Toronto film festivals 2011.

Viva Riva is available in a German theater near you from 15.03.2012.
Trailer in German:

Trailer with English subtitle: