Rosa Keyla Dudde of Keyla Fashion - my window to Afro-Latino Germany

Keyla is a beautician and hairdresser from the Dominican Republic. She moved to Germany about 6yrs ago, has three kids (and still looks 21) and is the proud owner of Keyla Fashion. She is also an event organizer and very active in the Afro- Latino community in Germany. 
   With Linda Asamoah and Keyla at Face of Africa Germany. 

 I first met her in April 2014 at Face of Africa Germany Beauty Pageant. She was on the beauty team and I was a member of jury. 
Months later I decided to do a perm after ten years of being a naturalista. I needed a professional who could handle afro hair. A friend recommended her. I gave her a call and found out we only live a few minutes apart.
She gave me an exclusive first appointment: I was the only client for the day, thus enough time for her to concentrate on me. I need not say I was satisfied with the final product. 

Spoiled by Keyla Fashion

More impressive is the atmosphere in Keyla Afro-Latino Salon. It opens a window into Afro-Latino Germany. Hairdressing to Latino Charts amidst a joyous friendly and vibrant crew. For the first time I met women from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela etc living in Germany. I learned a few  bachata steps, salsa and merengue moves. I savored meals from the Dominican Republic; they taste like what I know from West Africa. My Spanish is still very rudimentary, but the motivation to learn has been awaken.

Keyla @ work 

I now have a glimpse of the demographics of Afro-Latino Germany through my interaction with these beautiful people. 

Keyla and friends @ an Afro-Latino Night in Germany

Its a shame I completely left them out in my previous posts. Africa is a multifaceted continent with its descendants in every corner of the globe. And Afro- Latino Germany is a part of this beautiful diversity I now enjoy. Thank you Keyla. 

Keyla Fashion Afro Latino Salon
Ribbeckstr 48, 45127 Essen. 
Tel: 0201-423968639

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