Brian Yeboah - An Inspirator: Creating Awareness on Sickel Cell Disease

Brian has touched more lives with his personal story and awareness on sickle cell disease than many health professionals. He is a regular and often the youngest guest (that's if he doesn't drag Brenda, his younger sister along) at the annual CAMFOMEDICS conference and other health education forums.

Brian lives with sickle cell disease, a much stigmatized condition in many African settings. Regular blood transfusions, days in hospital fighting one infection after the other and bone marrow transplant are all normalities in his life. His very reassuring smile, brilliant spirit and forever grateful heart outweigh his condition. Despite his challenges he achieves good grades in school.

Brian uses his story to educate his immediate community and fight the stigma surrounding sickle cell disease. The support he receives from his family, friends, school and neighbourhood is amazing. I did an interview for Ask Docta! with his mum on this subject some months back, whereby Brian was the man behind the camera.
Little did I know that a few weeks thereafter he and his mum will be recognised for their advocacy in our community by none other than his excellency Horst Köhler, the former German president.

Brian is such an inspiration to me and many others..
Ride on Brain..You Rock!!