Why Iya Wears Green - I Wear Green

March 12th broke the internet with pictures of people all over the world wearing green in solidarity with Iya Bekondo and The Iya Project.  Iya is a kidney transplant recipient and her mum is her donor. This year marks ten years of Iya's survival after her transplant. She has made it her mission to create awareness on Kidney Disease, amongst others, wearing different shades of green throughout the month of march each year (which is Kidney Disease Awareness Month). Her foundation reaches out to renal disease patients through financial aid and the "Iya Blanket". She told us her story of love, life and giving last year :

She recently released a video in which she explains why she wears green ..As I watched this very powerful and emotional message, I was inspired to write this post: Why Iya Wears Green - I Wear Green

I  Wear Green for all renal disease patients
I  Wear Green for kidney failure patients on dialysis
I  Wear Green for those who rely on strict renal diet to stay healthy
I  Wear Green for hemodialysis patients who endure needles, canules as big as my little finger to stay alive
I  Wear Green for those who have to hook up to dialysis machines every night so they might function the next day
I  Wear Green for patients in developing countries who do not have the resources to be on dialysis
I  Wear Green for patients on a transplant waiting list
I  Wear Green for those who die waiting
I  Wear Green for our heros like my mum who give up an organ so that somebody else might get a new lease on life
I  Wear Green to applaud organ donors
I  Wear Green for the health care workers who make sure renal disease patients survive
I  Wear Green for myself because I survived
I  Wear Green for you, because awareness can save generations of life
I  Wear Green for you to learn how your kidney affects your overall health
I  Wear Green for you to join the fight against renal disease
Because it could be you and because it was me......

Watch the video...

Here are some of my favorite pictures of people who wore green on March 12th to support The Iya Foundation.

 This cute baby melted my heart....

 Iya's mum joins in from Cameroon

A special match on this day by the CUSBU FC Douala (customs brokers union football club Douala) to promote the kidney disease awareness and organ donation.And to support The IYA FOUNDATION — with Iya Bekondo.

 Iya herself

friends joining in from Nigeria
 Mr. Ntang kept it simple yet very powerful....
 And offcourse we joined in from Germany : Dr. SEA,  Dr. Yvette Kibuh and Mira

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