Girmachew Getnet - The Artist- "Have confidence in yourself first then in your work and you will succeed."


© Girmachew Getnet
 I first learned of this brother's work when he put up a picture of his book (see picture below), which he will be show casing at this year's Frankfurt book fair, on Facebook. In my research on him I ran into truly amazing stuff. We truly have great treasure in this country in the form of people like him. 

Here are some famous lines from Girmachew :

  "I was born with colours! With red, yellow, green."...Mission news paper Sweden,   2004.

  "Have confidence in yourself first then in your work and you will succeed."   Kunst,  2008.

  "My paintings are attempts to reflect  my complex view of reality." czech republic, 2008.

  "I have one nationality but my works are universal."  Sub-Saharan informer news, 2008.

  "I need free space for my soul and for my creativity, too !" international news Germany.

Now this is what I found out in courtesy of the brilliant initiative  "Creative Africa Network":

Girmachew was born and raised in Ethiopia where he graduated from Addis Ababa University Fine Arts and Design School in 2001.
He founded his first art studio in Addis Ababa / Habesha Art Studio/ together with four friends after graduating from Addis Ababa University. 
Girmachew is experienced in both group and individual exhibitions at the Alliance Ethio-Francois, Goethe Institute and Gebere Kristos Center and the International Community School, as well as youth projects with UNICEF and Speak Afiica! In addition to regular arts endeavours in Ethiopia, Germany, Sweden, Czech, USA, Kenya .., 
The ethiopian by Girmachew Getnet. © Girmachew Getnet

He has collaborted with a number of interior design projects and drama set designs including Heber Interational and traditional Ethiopian restaurants and some international artist shows like multimedia ventures with Zoma Contemporary Art center.  
The artist Girmachew was invited in August 2005 by Johannes Gutenberg -University, Mainz (Germany) to organize the art exhibition / wall and canvas / that showed Contemporary art and traditional wall paintings from Ethiopia. In 2007 he was invited to the Ethiopian Millenium celebration by the Grassi Museum, Leipzig (Germany). There he organized the art exhibition with the experimental short film / Free Space. 

His elements!! © Girmachew Getnet
He also did a workshop for children and adults at the same museum. His short experimental films have been screened at different places including TV channels in Germany and several short film festivals around Europe and Ethiopia.
Girmachew now lives in Frankfurt Germany and developes his creativity in his own studio. 

This year he presented his book "The Beat" at the world's biggest book fair in Frankfurt. It is a combination of poetry by his sister, a lyricist, Kalkidan Getnet and Art by Girmachew himself.

For the future he plans to share his artistic works and experimental films with many countries especially his motherland Ethiopia. 
Contact :
Grethenweg 143 Frankfurt Germany
Tel:   Mobile: 017661367187