Theresa Tebebiere Atte Franz - a never stopping ENTREPRENEUR

Theresa is originally from Rivers State, Nigeria. About 25 years ago she came to study in Germany. After studying Linguistics (German and English language and literature) at the university of Potsdam, Theresa worked for an international company in Duesseldorf as an executive assistant. She quickly realized her desire to be her own boss and took chances putting her thoughts into action.
In 1997 she founded her first company Inter Translation GmbH. Seven years later her second company, African Translation Company GmbH,  with 100 freelancers and a branch in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. She offers among others translations and interpreting services in 30 African languages ​​mainly for government agencies, courts, embassies, international organizations and institutions. In her words, "The relationship between German offices and foreign residents is very difficult given the language, so it was important to create such a office to manage and facilitate this relationship." The company also supports African citizens in their everyday needs such as in official matters and courses ( e.g Registry Office, Foreign Office...). Another focus lies on the assistance and support of business persons, government officials and members of non-governmental organization on trips to Africa, during which they translate African languages ​​and mediate between cultures.

She also offers vocational training positions in office communications and foreign language correspondence.  "Currently I have two girls, one is from Ivory Coast, Vanessa and the other is from Togo, Fawou. I have had a total of 6 people that did their Training with Intertranslation, but this is the first time, I have people who originated from Africa. I am very proud of that."


Last year she founded her third company CURLY CHOCOLATE - CELEBRATE YOUR CURLS-The company provides hair products, consultations and information for curly  / wavy hair:

Acquaintances and friends describe her as kind-hearted, generous, loving and inspiring. She is married and has two children.

Theresa believes very much that you can achieve anything if you want.
Her motto: "Actions speak louder than words."
As an African and as a woman she has proven that we can achieve anything anywhere.