Yolander James-Händler: Designer, CEO of Yolander James Collection

Yolander James - Händler was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica, where she trained as a tailor after high school. She opened her first  fashion atelier in the capital, Roseau, which carried a collection inspired by her travels through central and south America. She carried this passion with her when he set foot in Hamburg about 20 years ago. Once in Germany she sniffed diligently through the international fashion scenes and crowned her passion with a professional training at the JAK Fashion and Design Academy Hamburg  " Schnitt- und Fertigungsdirektrice und Modedesign".  Two  career determining milestones in the life of Yolanda James have been in 2006 when she thrilled Hamburg with the presentation of  her first collection "Yolander James" and in 2010 when she sent waves across the Caribbean Fashion Week in Kingston, Jamaica.

Watch the video above to see her run way show in Jamaica:

Some say her creation brings Caribbean flair into european fashion. She describes her work as a mixture of intercultural exchanges, "culture-mix", temperament and Hollywood in the 50's and 60's. What do I say? We will come back to that when I get to try my first Yolander James piece on. And since her collection is described as an elegantly timeless luxury for every woman in the world, trust me, I will be getting mine soon!!!

Herewith a snippet of her 2013/2014 Collection. You can find her on Schopstrasse 8, 20255 Hamburg