"Welcome" by Dr. phil. Hıdır Çelik - political scientist, sociologist, and litterateur. Head of MIGRApolis-Germany, Chairman of BIM e.V and Head of EMFA

When I read this poem, I knew I had to share it on any platform. It crosses boarders and should be at home anywhere; whether or not the author is African. Dr. Hidir Celik has a turkish background. The Turks make the largest group of immigrants in Germany.


by Hidir Eren Celik

Welcome – wherever you come from
        However you look
        Whatever you speak
Welcome – wherever you come from
        Whatever you believe in
        Whichever religion you belong to
        Athiests too
Welcome – you are a human child
        As a refugee on the run
        An imigrant
Welcome – you are our future
        An enrichment to our dreams
        Like fluttering butterflies accross the border
        You bring the light of the sun into our world
Welcome – wherever you come from
        From Asia, Africa or America
        To us the whole world is one
        One world in which we are all human beings
Welcome – you  my sister
Welcome – you my brother
Welcome – you orphaned child of war
        poverty and misery
Welcome – you human children fleeing from hunger
        We have enough bread to share
Welcome – come and rid us of our greed
        Plant a tree which bears  fruit for us all
        For the world was created for us human beings
        As a homeland without bourndaries in all it’s diversity
        Come, let us together make the world our homeland
Welcome home…